Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walmart To Go

Wal-Mart is testing same-day delivery of televisions, toys and other general merchandise bought online in a few U.S. markets as it tries to find new ways to keep up with competitors and to attract busy shoppers this holiday season.
The test of the "Walmart To Go" service began in Northern Virginia and Philadelphia earlier this month and is set to expand to Minneapolis on Tuesday, Walmart U.S. said. Walmart then plans to expand the test to California's San Jose/San Francisco market in late October or early November. 

In the new test, shoppers in the Northern Virginia, Philadelphia and Minneapolis markets can pay a $10 flat fee for same-day delivery of items picked from general merchandise items carried in local stores. Customers can chose an unlimited number of those items.WalmartToGo.

With Walmart locations already being so convenient, do you expect a demand for the "Walmart-To-Go" service?


  1. I cant imagine that the demand for the next day service will be that high. With the availability of WallMarts people could just drive a mile down the road and get their product right away.

  2. Just another way Mal-mart is taking over the world. ha ha ha

  3. There will always be a place for home delivery since it is so convenient and I believe if people have money it is something they will spend it on....

  4. I think this service focuses on a very specialized customer group- like elderly people who cannot leave the house and families who think it is more convenient to not have to take their kids to the store with them. Delivery is always convenient so I think that this service will do well but may not see as high profits as it is hoping for because Wal Mart is already so convenient.