Tuesday, October 9, 2012

People Voting for MLB MVP

For many years we have had writers to decide on who they think should win the the MVP. One of the problems that I have with this problem is that when it comes to someone from the writers home town, they will vote for that person. These writers are suppose to be the professional on the subject and they should not vote on their own personal home town hero but the person that they believe deserves the award. The reason that we have these writers vote for the MVP is because they are suppose to have an unbiased and professional opinion.

If these professionals have an biased opinion what is the difference between them voting for the MVP and allowing the people to vote for the MVP.

If you were to vote for the MVP who would you choose? Miguel Cabrera or Mike Trout



  1. By the numbers, it's easy to pick Miguel Cabrera. He's the first person to win the triple crown in decades. It's a historic year for baseball.

  2. Agree with Kyle. Numbers don't lie, if you are the best in each category you deserve the MVP title.