Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Samuel Graham
Sandy's affect on economy

With the arrival of Sandy on the east coast their is more damage being done to the United States that goes beyond the physical and financial damage. Sandy has actually shutdown Wall Street. A storm hasn't shutdowm Wall Street since 1985. 

It has also Threatened 20 billion dollars in economic damages. The main economic damages are going to come from 7 to 8 billion just from the insurance stand point. This could put the proverbial nail in the coffin when talking about the economy. 

Do you think that sandy will hurt our economy to the point that it will not be able to rebound from it?



  1. I think the economy is pretty much shot anyway. I don't think that a storm like is this is going to profoundly effect the economy to the point where we can't do anything anymore though. With the election coming up I think that this is probably the best time for the storm to hit because Obama will be working double time to make sure that the DOW's don't drop. Have you noticed gas is almost under $3? Can't wait to gas up on election day!

  2. I think Sandy will hurt our economy, but I trust that once the elections are over, the new President will get our economy back to where in needs to be. We are America, vote Mitt.

  3. Ha the "proveberial nail in the coffin" is a little dramatic. I think it is always sad to see our country experience hardship through natural disasters. Sandy didn't receive the kind of press that other storms have in the past. I think that we need to continue to pray and hope for the reconstruction of the east coast. I was just told that the residents of damaged properties received electricity bills for the past month...they didn't have electricity for the past month. Sensitivity issues and legality issues are certain for the electricity companies. I don't think we realize how devastating this pressless storm really was.