Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adam Greenberg

Has anyone herd of Adam Greenberg? A few weeks ago I would have said no but after hearing his story which first was available on his one last hit website how can you not feel for the guy. In 2005, Greenberg got to live his dream of making it the to the major leagues a dream that lasted a total of one pitch. The first pitch that came out of the pitchers hand got away from him and hit Greenberg in the head. After dealing with advanced vertigo he was never available to make it back to the big leagues. Finally, after 7 years away from the show, he returns to the big leagues on a one day contract with the Miami Marlins, with help of his website. The only bad part is that if he actually bats tonight he may have to face the knuckle ball pitcher RA Dickey.

What do you think about how he used in a website to get noticed in order to make it back to the big leagues?



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  1. I think Adam Greenberg using a website to get noticed in order to make it back to the big leagues was probably the only hope he would really have. Other than ESPN taking the time to discover his story to the world people along with myself would had never remembered Adam Greenberg.