Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NFL replacement refs

During the preseason in the NFL replacement refs are taking the place of the original officials who are on holdout right now, because they want more pay.  everyone thought that these refs wouldn't make it through the preseason the way they were calling games.  but into week 3 for the regular season they are still here with everyone wanting them out for their bad calls that are causing some team to take losses that shouldn't be.  What do you think about these replacement officials (refs)?


  1. I think they are horrible at their job but also have been thrown in an impossible situation. I blame Roger Goodell and the NFL for not getting a deal done before the season. Although, they have now come to a deal and there will be real refs for the game tonight.

  2. I feel that they have been placed in a situation they are not capable of handling. However, I believe that it are not their fault, it is the people who put them there.